About Ormskirk Ukulele Club

  • Our first session of 10 songs is mainly easiers songs suitable for beginners.
  • We then have a break for refreshments and a chat.  There is a licensed bar serving beer, wine and spirits, also soft drinks, tea and coffee.
  • Then we have an open mic session (members' choice) for about 15 minutes.  Memebers can introduce and lead a pre-rehearsed song of their choice (one that is not already in the club repertoire).  So, if you like performing and sharing your songs this is your opportunity!
  • The second session of 10 songs from our club files includes a few more challenging songs.
  • Any time left after the second session is filled with more music that's often new to the club.
All members are encouraged to lead the first or second sessions, individually or as a group.

The Club has an extensive list of Green (beginner), Amber (intermediate) and Red (advanced) songs, in the club format for the session leaders (MCs) to choose from.
Songs are displayed on a large TV screen for everyone to follow.
WE HAVE REGULAR SOCIALS AND THEME NIGHTS, any excuse to dress up and have fun!
     July 2019 Social: Guest performers: The Ukulele Uff & Lonesome Dave Trio 
featuring Brother Bill on Hawaiian guitar


We also have a Performers Group ~ Ormskirk Ukulele Band
The Band play at community-based events; raise money for charities and for hire to play at private functions.  It is open to every member who is prepared to make a commitment to attend practice sessions and has acheived a good standard of playing.


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