• Regarding The Performers Group
  • 8th December 2023. Post on the Mere Brook Day Centre website "We've had a wonderful festive afternoon entertained by the lovely Ormskirk Ukulele Band."

    13th October 2023, from a post on Delph side community primary school.
    "This afternoon we had a visit from Ormskirk Ukulele Club and what fun we had!
    It was fantastic to see a local live band who have shown our Delph Siders what a real band sounds like and most importantly how to have fun whilst playing a musical instrument.
    A fabulous afternoon filled with laughter, smiles, singing and dancing. Thank you Ormskirk Ukulele Club, you most certainly made us smile."

    "Feet were a-tapping and memories brimming over as the brilliant Ormskirk Ukulele Band played a star set at Brookside's Mere Brook Day Care Centre on Friday afternoon"
    - QLocal Ormskirk 11/10/23

    On the Secret Ukulele Band's Post 10/12/2022
    "The excellent Ormskirk Ukulele Club opening the mini festival here at the Lock and Quay. We've got plenty of live music and a Christmas Market here all afternoon until 6pm."


  • Regarding The MEMBERS in general
    The people. So Friendly. Everything. Love it. Friendly atmosphere. Play lots of songs. Everything! The members are all friendly and are pleased to help each other in times of need. When MC-ing or performing, no-one appears to be judging you. The theme nights are great fun. Everyone is so lovely and resources online make learning easier, and the singing together helps as well. The people. The lessons given by Jason. The encouragement. The friendliness of folk. Good choice of songs. I like the green ones first. I like the chords on the top now, it will really help new members. Made lots of friends since joining (especially in the band) very friendly and welcoming to new members. Big variety of songs. I feel my confidence in singing and performing has grown with encouragement of other members. It is very friendly and welcoming. I love the theme nights, social days/nights eg Blackpool , Christmas party. Friendship. Friendliness. Helpfulness. Wide age range and abilities. Friendly, regular nights, members playing, backing cajons, bass, keys. Performers spot. New ideas coming from the committee . Friendly group of members who are all very helpful. Friendly and welcoming club. I have played with several local clubs and find Ormskirk one of the best! Jolly good night out if not taken too seriously. Welcoming to new members. Love the chords on the wall. Love there is now 3 mics. Love the newsletter. Love getting up for a few songs. Good fun, lovely people. . Enjoy learning the variety of songs/music. Think the green set great for my level of learning. Feel welcome, good to meet new folks! Good value! The members. Great atmosphere. The people..so warm and welcoming! Fandiedosie!! It's a wonderful club. The company. Great times. Very friendly, supportive and fun. I like the friendly support that the club gives all it's members. I like to see members gaining from that support in confidence and skill.


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