The club is now open to new members who are willing to have fun, play the ukulele and enjoy music.
If you would like to join our club, come along to one of the club nights on a Thursday, or contact us at for any further information. 
The first visit is free to see if you like the club, we have a couple of spare ukulele's if you want to have a try.  


Membership of the club is open to anyone who enjoys playing the ukulele, or actively supports the activities of the Club as a singer or percussionist and whose application the Committee has accepted.

Membership categories & subscription rates:

(1) Senior membership : for ukulele playing members aged 18 +  (£10 per month)
(2) Junior membership: for ukulele playing members aged under 18 (£5 per month)
(3) Supporters: anyone who takes an active part in Club nights as a non-ukulele playing 'supporter' eg percussionist, singer (Subs at the Senior or Junior rate as appropriate).

Members can access all the club songs and learning resources through the website.  Here you will find notes, audio files and video files to learn the chords and strumming patterns used in the club.
The club has an extensive list of songs in the club format which cover all types of musical genres. 

We have regular social events and theme nights.
On occasions one of our more experienced members will run beginners lessons.
On the whole we are good value for money as well as a fun, sociable and enjoyable experience!


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